GMW Projects can help you with your property development at any stage, right from the beginning or after you have obtained your Development Application.   We can also help you once your development is underway. Additionally, if you reach a point where you’re unsure of how to progress or if the project simply becomes too much for you to manage, we can come in and continue on your behalf.

Our strength lies in our ability to design and construct to budget. We aim to achieve the best possible outcome for your project. Whether you engage us for the full project or at one or more individual stages, we help you to save time and money.

Our 3-stage  process


Stage 1:   Acquisition  

This can be the purchase of vacant land or an existing dwelling.  Depending on your property you may need advice on what can and can't be built.  We will help you assess the possible development options and obtain quotes from suitable professionals if required. 


Stage 2: Design and Quote

When you engage GMW Projects for the design, we begin by developing a design brief that includes all your requirements.  Once the sketch design is complete and you are happy, we proceed to develop the design.  At the completion of this stage we are able to give you a good estimate of construction costs.  Building approval documentation follows and includes engineering, electrical plans, cabinet maker details and the window/door schedule. 

During the design stage we fine tune the design of the dwelling, working closely with you to determine the style, room requirements, materials, finishes and colours for the building.

Once documentation is completed we provide a fixed price. The advantage of a fixed price contract is that it assists you in obtaining finance and avoids cost blow-outs during the construction process.


Stage 3: Construction 

This is where the construction starts and you see your project materialise.  During this stage, Greg project manages the construction work, both for operational/civil works and the construction of the dwelling. You are kept informed of the progress by emails, one on one conversations with Greg and photos taken on our regular and frequent site visits.  With the fixed price builder’s contract, the only way we can run over budget is if we hit rock or you change your mind on some of the construction aspects.