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Greg Ward, Director, Designer, Building Contractor, Senior Project Manager

Greg leads a small team that has completed a substantial number of landmark design and construction projects in Brisbane’s inner city suburbs since commencing in 1999. 

Greg not only holds a Bachelor Degree in Architecture, he also holds a full QBCC Building Contractor licence as well as having a QBCC Nominee Supervisor's licence together with 15 years experience as an inner Brisbane property developer. This combination of knowledge, ability and experience gives you three rare benefits.  

A designer with “hands on” understanding of construction and costs

Greg’s ability to create beautiful, functional and cost-effective designs has been honed by 15 years of involvement in construction and his intimate understanding of costs. In Greg you have a designer who has his feet firmly on the ground. You may choose to use Greg purely for his ability to design or you may choose to have Greg create and manage your project from initial drawings to completion. 

A designer who can construct your project or project manage on your behalf

As a building contractor, we can contract directly with you to perform these works. Greg’s deep understanding of design constraints and project flow ensures your project is delivered on time and budget.  When you read our clients’ comments, you will see this is an important point that is made.  Alternatively, Greg can act on your behalf as the project manager.  There is no ambiguity here.  As your project manager, Greg is firmly in your camp with a preparedness and ability to become “hands on” if and when the occasion requires.   

A designer who understands your property’s development potential

Greg purchases and develops his own inner city residential properties and has done so for the last 15 years. This is indeed a rare benefit for you that many other architects, project managers and building contractors are not able to provide. As a result of Greg’s first hand experience in developing inner Brisbane properties and his constant research and monitoring of the market, you will learn your property’s most likely feasible development potential.